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Privacy Policy

1. Controller

Omaehtoisen Työllistymisen Tuki OTTY ry, Business ID 0959876-6

Konepajankuja 1

00510 Helsinki

Tel. 0400-338677

E-mail info@tyonhakuveturi.fi

Contact person: Päivi Korhonen

2. Name of the Register

Participant and customer register of events

3. The basis and purpose of processing of personal data

Personal data is collected in connection with enrollment, communication, filing, marketing, reporting, and other customer relationship management measures. Data are also collected for reporting the registered data of the Data Subjects involved in the project as the authority duty to the TE -Office and the KEHA-Centre within the time period set by the authority. Personal data are also processed in connection with sending newsletters, events and other marketing participation activities.

The basis for processing of personal data is the authority duty and the legitimate interest of the association.

4. Personal data to be processed

The Register deals with personal data and contact details of the persons involved in OTTY’s activities, as well as other necessary information related to the activities. These details are:

• Given name and surname of Data Subject

• Date of birth of Data Subject

• Address details of Data Subject

• E-mail addresses of Data Subject

• Phone numbers of Data Subject

• Membership in member organisations of Data Subject

as well as in addition to the Data Subjects in the project:

• Educational background of Data Subject

• Employment details of Data Subject

• Situation regarding job search of Data Subject

• Commencement date and duration of unemployment

• Status of enrolment in the TE -Office

• Duration of unemployment benefit

5. Source of information

All information is obtained from the individuals themselves using the customer information system form.

6. Protection and transfer of personal data

Digitally processed personal data are protected and stored in OTTY’s customer data system, which is restricted to persons who need such data to perform their duties. The persons in question have their own user names and passwords. A form used for data transfer is protected by the technical administrator for the customer data system. Used workstations and storage media are encrypted. Any information sent as the authority duty is sent in encrypted form as specified by the authority.

Personal data may be disclosed to OTTY´s background associations for the purpose of implementing and reporting on measures and services related to the events and the project.

Personal data may also be transferred to other service providers for the technical maintenance of the personal register. The Controller performing technical maintenance of the personal register may transfer personal data pursuant to applicable privacy protection legislation and this Privacy Policy.

7. Transfer of personal data beyond the EU and the EEA

In principle, OTTY does not transfer data beyond the EU and the EEA. However, OTTY may also use other service providers in the personal data register system beyond the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Access to personal data is not given more than is necessary to implement the services. The transfer of personal data beyond the European Union or the European Economic Area is always based on the applicable legislation on the processing of personal data and is performed pursuant to that legislation.

8. Storage period for personal data

Personal data are kept in the Register as long as the person is involved and, in relation to the project, for the whole duration of the project and for a period of time determined by the authority in accordance with the authority duty.

9. Rights of Data Subject

In principle, the Data Subject has the right to be informed at any time, pursuant to applicable data protection legislation, of the processing of their personal data and examine their personal data processed by the OTTY and to require the rectification of inaccurate and erroneous personal data as well as updating them. Any request should be made to the Controller in writing.

10. Right to appeal to the supervisory authority

The Data Subject has the right to appeal to the supervisory authority regarding the processing of personal data if the Data Subject considers that his or her personal data have not been processed pursuant to applicable data protection legislation.

11. Amendments

This Privacy Policy can be updated in the event of significant information changes, e.g. contact details.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 10 Apr 2019