CAREERBOOST peer group Module I fall 2020

Starts: 29.9.2020 13:00
Ends: 3.11.2020 15:00

Location: online-course


CareerBoost is a comprehensive peer group program, which supports unemployed job seekers in the capital area/Uusimaa region.

To be eligible to Career Boost program, the participant needs to fill the following prequisities:

-live in Uusimaa region

-registered as unemployed job seeker in the TE-office

-highly educated (at least bachelor level)

-your unemployment has lasted at least 12 months when the group starts OR altogether 12 months during the last 16 month period

The group responds to the common employment challenges of immigrants in Finland. CareerBoost significantly increases your chances to find a job or to identify another solution, such as further education or entrepreneurship. Group´s operating language is English.

For each group, we choose eight -ten participants​. When we receive your application, we will contact you approximately 2 weeks before the group start.

The groups will be organized via Zoom online platform.

For further questions, please send email to