Boost your job search

CareerBoost supports unemployed academics with a comprehensive peer group program.
This is a novel way to resolve the unemployment challenges of highly educated
immigrants living in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. To be accepted to the group, you have to be
registered with the Employment and Economic Development Office.

In the CareerBoost program, you crystallise your competence spearheads for the
employers and enhance your job seeking skills in the Finnish labour market. The group
also helps to create and grow a network and to remain motivated through your job seeking


CareerBoost significantly increases your chances to find a job or to identify another
solution, such as further education or entrepreneurship. The group operating language is

  • Each group is made of 7-10 academic participants
  • The peer group will meet once a week during 9 weeks – each meeting lasts 3 hours
  • There will be a lot of homework – you have to be prepared to work hard

Based on our experiences we know that your own active effort and input makes the
difference, so please be prepared to work hard in this program.


  1. Getting to know each other, goals and expectations of the program
  2. Professional experience and achievements
  3. Competence areas
  4. Personality and values/CV
  5. Personal SWOT-analysis. Hidden job market.
  6. Interview practise/Video interviews
  7. Comments to CV
  8. Cover letter workshop
  9. Plan for future

Further information of the project is given by

Training Manager Sirpa Huttunen, phone 050 464 7177
e-mail sirpa.huttunen@tyonhakuveturi.fi

Project Manager Risto Säynäväjärvi, phone 0400 338677
e-mail risto.saynavajarvi@tyonhakuveturi.fi


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