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Career Boost Program has a new format! Module I Group will start on April 16th, module II will start in the fall 2019. We are planning to start another Module I Group in May due to a high demand.

The group is meant for English speaking international talents, who are looking for a job in a Finnish job market and who are registered in a TE-Office as unemployed job seekers. Career Boost is group peer coaching, which is financially supported by the TE-Office and is counted in the active model. You will receive a diploma in the end of the coaching for your unemployment benefit payer.

CareerBoost supports unemployed academics with a comprehensive peer group program.
This is a novel way to resolve unemployment challenges of highly educated
immigrants living in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.

In the CareerBoost program, you can crystallize your competence spearheads and enhance your job seeking skills in the Finnish labor market.

The group also helps to create and grow a network and to remain motivated during job seeking


CareerBoost significantly enhances your chances to find a job or to identify other
solutions, such as find further education or to start entrepreneurship. The groups operate in English.

  • Each group consists of 7-10 academic participants
  • the Group meets once a week for five weeks for 3,5 hrs at a time
  • In addition to meetings there are home assignments, which complement the program.

Based on our experiences we know that active effort and input makes the
difference, so please be prepared to work hard in this program.


module I for beginners and those who have  little experience in job seeking: documents (CV, application) are in use, but not tuned, no LinkedIn account or not maintained, not using or using just a little social media for job seeking. no pitch talk prepared

application period for module I is ongoing.

MODULE I, 5 meetings

Orientation prior to the 1st Meeting. Introduction to the Program and a pre-assignment.

  1. How to write and vocalize my know how, and accomplishments?
  2. Where to find open positions? My employment plan
  3. Tips and tricks to an effective CV and LinkedIn-profile. How to build an outstanding job application.
  4. How to succeed in a job interview. How to create an outstanding personal sales pitch.
  5. The final assignment and Group coaching with empowering reflection.

module II for those already experienced in job seeking: documents are well tuned, LinkedIn account is active and profile maintained, pitch talk readily made. In this module the pitch talk needs to be ready, as it is videotaped.

Application for module II starts around May timeframe

MODULE II 5 meetings

Orientation prior to the first Meeting. Introduction to the Program and greetings from a recruiting professional

  1. Values affect my decisions. My own talent. What kind of talent is needed now and in the future?
  2. Personal Meeting with career coach, comments to CV and LinkedIn profile. Application work shop.
  3. Personal sales pitch to video
  4. How to utilize networks and social media in job seeking. How to prepare for personal assessment tests.
  5. Professional branding and communicatoin plan. Group coaching -empowering reflection


the career boost Program Module I start on April 16th

Reservation for another Group starting in May (application period ongoing)

Career boost Program Module II in September 2019

Further information of the project is given by

Training Manager Sirpa Huttunen, phone 050 464 7177
e-mail sirpa.huttunen@tyonhakuveturi.fi

Project Manager Päivi Korhonen, phone 0400 338677
e-mail paivi.korhonen@tyonhakuveturi.fi


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